"What is thy name?" The sharpness in the man's voice frightened me.

"I do not recognize thee from Salem Village."

     "My name?" I looked at him and trembled.

     "Yes." He impatiently stamped the end of his cane on the ground. "Thy name."

     "Uh...my name is..." I scanned the landscape, hoping to find an escape route to

save me from the frightening character. But I was in a big field with nowhere to hide.

"My name is Jenkins...Jenkins Towne."

     "Ah." The man nodded. "The name Towne is well-known in our village.

He looked at me suspiciously. "Where art thee from, Jenkins Towne?"

The man's brow wrinkled beneath is old-fashioned hat.

     I cleared my throat and faked a few coughs. Then I took off running and

didn't look back.