Susan Heminway  moves in with her grandmother, only to discover that the abandoned theater on her property was the site of a teenage girl’s tragic death decades earlier.
     Upon Susan’s  arrival, the dead girl’s spiteful spirit arises and haunts her, repeatedly uttering “the play’s the thing.” After learning what the phrase means, Susan and her new friends realize they must restore the theater and put on a certain play to discover the girl’s killer, and they must hurry before a local developer seizes the property from the bankrupt grandmother and razes the buildings. If time runs out and the theater is destroyed, the mystery of who killed the teenage girl will never be known and the troubled spirit will never rest in peace.

Finding My Way Home

  Having a younger brother with autism isn’t easy for fifth-grader Jodi.  And now there’s the move to New Jersey so he can attend a special school. Jodi thinks she’ll never make new friends---not living in a “Gnome Home” and having a brother who flaps his hands and repeats TV commercials.  After Mike the class bully nicknames her “Undies,” Jodi knows she’ll never fit in. But, when they are trapped in a museum elevator on a field trip to New York, Jodi discovers that they have more in common than she ever would have imagined.